Our objective is to establish a web presence that fits your business model and contributes towards your business goals. Every development is unique, but to aid discussion we have identified thirteen core activities that comprise most development projects.


1. Research, Discovery and Consultation. – Understanding your Business Model.

2. Business Plan and Marketing Plan – Alignment of Goals

3. Objectives, Investment and ROI. – Scoping the Project.

4. User Profiles – Identifying your target market


5. Responsive Website Layout.

6. System Architecture.

7. Design, Content, UX. – Value Proposition. Calls to Action, Core Content.

8. Search Engine Optimisation. Content Optimisation

9. Security and Hosting Environment

Management and Optimisation

10. Content Optimisation Plan

11. Outline Content Strategy

12. Analytics and Insight

13. Website Wellness Programme Components

Additional Services

Google Adwords Management – ( Strategy, Campaign Management, Landing Page Optimisation )

E Commerce – ( Development, Web Presence, Payment Gateway Integration )

Applications – ( Consultancy, Development, Integration, Optimisation )

Consultancy – ( Digital Marketing, Competitor Review, Web Presence Optimisation)